We don’t have time, our government has failed on guaranteeing our future and the future of our children. Governments have failed us, losing their legitimacy in relation to the climate crisis. Thus, thousands of common people are rebelling for life. It is time to give power to the people




Title: 7 OCT: Rebelión Internacional [Acción Directa No Violenta]

When: 7th October 

Time: 09:00 UTC+02

Where: Extinction Rebellion Spain – Madrid, Spain

Details: We are facing a crisis, one that we have never faced before, the climate crisis. During these last weeks we have seen how young people all over the world are striking and asking governments to take responsibility. 

We don’t have time, our government has failed on guaranteeing our future and the future of our children. Governments have failed us, losing their legitimacy in relation to the climate crisis. Thus, thousands of common people are rebelling for life. It is time to give power to the people and demand citizens assembly to ensure that we treat this as a crisis and ensure we keep fossil fuels in the ground! Let’s be adults, take responsibility in a respectful, non violent, disruptive and self-sacrifice action. Join us the 7 October, from the early morning! 

Check out our social media to ensure we will all be in the right place at the right time!

Media contacts: Nicolas Eliades – +34682398702 – [email protected], or [email protected]



Title: Rebel Without Borders – Opstand voor het Leven

When: 7th October 

Time: 08:00 UTC+02

Where: Museumbrug Amsterdam

Details: From Monday, October 7th, early in the morning, start with thousands of rebels in the centre of Amsterdam and RISE! The Dutch government is not doing enough to deal with the climate and ecological crises.  Extinction Rebellion wants the government to acknowledge the climate crisis and do more to protect its own citizens and all life on earth. Join in, organize and revolt for life. 

Media contacts: Egbert Born- +31654973723 – [email protected]



Title: Cérémonie d’Ouverture / Opening ceremony

When: 6th of October 

Time: 17:00 UTC+02

Where: Paris, France

Details: A moment of communion, this opening ceremony takes its roots in the work of Joanna Macy. It is a collective, animated experience. 

Everyone is invited to contribute to a four-stages narrative. Coming from the four directions of Paris, the teams of the International Rebellion of Paris, noticeable for their banners and colors, will meet for a first gathering, sharing gratitude. 

Our rebels coming from far, our “tribes”, including children, will be welcomed by a galaxy of characters …

We will then honor our sorrow for the world through a funeral woven by music and emotions, before  going back to the light and regaining our power. Action begins now!

Media Contacts: Franck – +33648187078 – [email protected]

Title: Occupation Pour La Suite Du Monde

When: 7th October 

Time: 08:00 UTC+02

Where: Paris, France

Details: Light, mobile, autonomous action teams converge at a vital point of the capital to bring our demands to life. This site will be a centre of resistance and resilience – we build, cook and sleep there. This occupation is intended to last for the duration, although the reaction of the police, and therefore the duration of the blockade, remain uncertain.

Squares and boulevards will be taken over by citizens assemblies, permaculture workshops, children’s entertainment, concerts, conferences, collective cooking! We intend this occupation to be inclusive and family- friendly, welcoming parents and children, the young and the old.

The occupation will be divided in two zones. The first one will be focusing on issues such as food autonomy, agriculture, access to water, soil pollution, and the second one will be centered around overfishing, oceans of plastic, and intensive farming.

Media Contacts:

Franck – +33648187078 – [email protected]  [email protected]

Title: Tournez Manèges

When: 11th October 

Time: 14:30 UTC+02

Where: Paris, France

Details: Mass bike Action

Media Contacts: Franck – +33648187078 – [email protected]

Title: Archipel des Nouveaux Mondes

When: 12th October 

Time: 07:00 UTC+02

Where: Paris, France

Details: Blocking of a nerve centre of Paris, coordinated with a series of parallel actions aimed at an original and multifaceted reappropriation of the surrounding urban space. 

Four areas in the zone will be decorated and animated in such a way as to embody our DNA – the essential XR: 

  1. Tell the truth (HfX conference, climate fresco, cemetery of extinct species, library …)
  2. Act now (ADNV training and action coordination, how to make an armlock, action kits, …)
  3. People’s Assembly (conference / debates on libertarian municipalism, random selection, …)
  4. Regenerative culture (circle of words, meditation, red tents, hammocks, …)

Possibility to sleep on site and prolong the occupation through to Sunday according to the desires and the context..

Media Contact: Franck – +33648187078 –[email protected]



Title: Rebellions-Woche Wien

When: 7th October 

Time: 08:00 UTC+02

Where: Vienna, Austria 

Details: Occupation of prominent public space in inner city Vienna

Media Contacts: Paul Sajovitz


[email protected]



Title: XR – Aufstand gegen das Aussterben: Start 07. Okt Berlin

When: 7th October 

Time: 10:00 UTC+02

Where: Extinction Rebellion Berlin, Germany

Details: Life on Earth is experiencing an unprecedented global crisis: Scientists agree – we face flooding, forest fires, extreme weather conditions, crop failure and the collapse of societies. The time of denial is over. It is time to act.

Politics and conventional approaches to political engagement, such as voting, lobbying, petitions and demonstrations fail to address this crisis. History shows us a promising, democratic means to bring about social change: nonviolent, civil disobedience.

From the 7th of October we will block cities through an international rebellion and thus halt everyday routines that destroy our livelihoods. We will be thousands embarking on non-violent civil disobedience so that the government can finally respond appropriately to the climate crisis.We will rebel together in streets and squares and remain there- peacefully, creatively and colorfully. Be part of it!

Media Contacts: Tino – +491778011774‬ – [email protected]



Title: International Rebellion Week

When: 7th October-13th October 

Time: 7:00 UTC+02

Where: Rome, Lazio, Italy

Detail: Extinction Rebellion Italy has been doing actions throughout Italy during the last months. We have been watching our local and national governments doing almost nothing about Climate and Ecological Justice, in spite of declaring their intentions to become “leading nation” on the contrast of Climate Change and Ecological breakdown. 

Our leaders continue to act as if it’s business as usual, and our ‘trusted’ institutions willingly ignore the crisis we are in. They are not doing their job, so we must.

We declare Rebellion from October 7th that civil disobedience in Rome will kick up a gear for Rebellion Week. Italian rebels will descend on the Italian capital over the period to take part in actions, hunger strike, critical mass, party on the streets and disruptions every day. 

Media ContactsLinda – [email protected]



Title: Podzimní rebelie

When: 7th October

Time: 6:30 UTC+02

Where: Prague,Česká republika

Details: October 7th – 10th – Local Rebellion
We start our rebellion with the creativity of our local groups: reaching out to local people across the Czech Republic. We have trebled in size in one month and have 15 local groups started or starting and expect more to follow in the next two week. Our local groups are planning a variety of actions, workshops, and talks with one aim: bring people to Prague for two days of national actions from 10th to 12th October.

October 10th – 12th – National Rebellion

On October 10th at 16:30, we will set up our gallows in Prague’s busy Namesti Republiky. Rebels from all over the Czech Republic will take their place on the ice, with their necks in the noose. One message – Extinction Rebellion is a nationwide movement of people who know that the climate and ecological crisis is so serious that our own  necks are on the line.

Friday October 11th has been christened ‘firecracker Friday’, our aim is to have a variety of actions across the city in Prague to ‘wake up’ the public and the media. We will start and end with swarming teams active in multiple locations and during the day we will remind some powerful institutions about their responsibilities. We will be asking the public broadcaster, Česká televize, to ‘tell the truth’ about the climate crisis and fulfil their promise to the public about providing appropriate information about emergencies and the state of the environment. We will be asking major energy company, ČEZ, to consider the consequences of continuing their business as usual and to ‘act now’ to reduce emissions. Finally, our XR Families group will do a die-in to remind people of the fragility of the small creatures and insects and how much our children rely on them.

On Saturday 12th October, we will bring Extinction Rebellion to life on the iconic Wenceslas Square. We are holding a legal demonstration to give people a taste of our movement with speeches, performances, talks, and workshops. We are also planning our first major act of nonviolent civil disobedience. With over 100 people willing to risk arrest so far, we are being ambitious about our target and intend to bring traffic to a stop.
Media Contacts: Silvie Ledinská
 – +420 773 124 394 – [email protected]



Title: International Call for Rebellion-Παγκόσμιο Κάλεσμα Εξεργέσεων XR

When: 7th October 

Time: 18:00 UTC+02

Where: Syntagma Square, Athens, Extinction Rebellion Hellas

Details: Από τις 7 Οκτωβρίου, οι ομάδες Extinction Rebellion  σε όλο τον κόσμο θα συγκεντρωθούν και θα ξεκινήσουν παράλληλες δράσεις διαμαρτυρίας για την κλιματική αλλαγή, την άρνηση και την ανικανότητα των κυβερνήσεων να δράσουν για την προστασία της φύσης και της ζωής στον πλανήτη μας. Κύριες πόλεις δράσεων θα είναι το Λονδίνο, η Νέα Υόρκη, το Βερολίνο, το Παρίσι, η Βαρκελώνη κτλ. Η Αθήνα θα συμμετέχει και εκείνη, ανταποκρινόμαστε στο κάλεσμα της XR International, στο κάλεσμα της φύσης. 

ΔΡΟΥΜΕ ΤΩΡΑ για να πει η Ελληνική  κυβέρνηση την αλήθεια για τις επιπτώσεις της κλιματικής καταστροφής ΚΑΙ ΝΑ ΛΑΒΕΙ ΜΕΤΡΑ για την προστασία του περιβάλλοντος ( να σταματήσει η εξόρυξη υδρογονάνθρακα, η ρύπανση της Μεσογείου, η καταστροφή των περιοχών Natura,οι ανεξέλεγκτες φωτιές).

Πρόκειται για μια μη βίαιη, ανοιχτή διαμαρτυρία και απευθύνεται σε ανθρώπους κάθε ηλικίας, ταυτότητας και εθνικότητας. Σας παρακαλούμε να σεβαστείτε και να τηρήσετε τον μη βίαιο χαρακτήρα της δράσης.

(παραπάνω πληροφορίες θα ανακοινωθούν σύντομα)

Media Contacts: Elpiniki Chagia – [email protected]



Title:Medzinárodná rebélia

When: 7th October 

Time: 08:00 UTC+02

Where: Bratislava,Slovakia

Details: It is more than clear that Slovakia needs to significantly reduce its carbon emissions. Yet, our government acts (or rather doesn’t act) as if we still had plenty of time to do so. Therefore, we need to take the destiny of our country (and our planet) into our own hands. We need our government to act, to tell the truth and to set reduction of carbon emissions as its top priority. Our rebellion starts on 7 October by swarming in the city centre and will continue throughout the whole week by other direct actions and accompanying programme, then, by the end of the week, we will participate in international rebellion in Prague and on 19 October we are planning to perform a blockade. By doing so we are joining ten of thousands of rebels around the globe who are only exercising their right of civil disobedience. Together we rebel against the system that is wrong.

Media Contacts: Romy – [email protected]



Title: Rebellion Week (Ireland)

When: 7th October

Time: 12:00UTC+01

Where: Dublin 

Details: Gather to peacefully shut down roads in Central Dublin and nonviolently disrupt the government until our leaders agree to TAKE EMERGENCY ACTION NOW. Life on Earth is experiencing an unprecedented global crisis: Scientists agree – we face flooding, forest fires, extreme weather conditions, crop failure and the collapse of societies. The time of denial is over. IT IS TIME TO ACT.

Media Contacts: Ciaran – +353833912918 – [email protected]



Title: International Climate Crisis Declaration Day – Az ökológiai és klímaválság nyilatkozatának nemzetközi napja

When: 6th October 

Time: 14:00 UTC+02

Where: Budapest, Hungary 

Details: We’re going to read the Declaration of Rebellion in front of the citizens and the media, and in the whole week, we’re planning to read it in different historical places and share it on social media channels. We want our illiberal government to hear our voices and start to act, and also our citizens to stop ignoring the truth.

With a couple of activists, we are joining the international rebellion in Berlin on 7th October.

We also started a challenge throughout the social media, called it “We Declare Rebellion Challenge“.

We encourage people to read aloud the Declaration or their favorite parts of it, take a video, upload it to social media or send it to us, and at the end of the challenge (20th of October), we made a video collage and share it with our followers, the media and our government.

You can find the Facebook event here:

Instagram post here:

If you like the idea, accept the challenge, participate and share it in your country! Just use the hashtag#wedeclarerebellion

Media Contacts: Annajuli Rosenfeld – +36308473497 – [email protected]



When 7th October

Time: 10am

Details: We will launch the October Rebellion by focusing on the Government and its fundamental failures to act in the face of climate and ecological collapse – occupying sites around Westminster for at least two weeks. Full details at here



Various cities

Title: Citizen Declaration Of Climate Crisis

When: 6th October

Time: UTC+05:30

Where: New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Orissa.

Detail: Engage in a MASSIVE, COORDINATED, NATIONWIDE and PEACEFUL declaration + Die – In to raise awareness and encourage Governmental action on the climate crisis. We intend to use the Rebellion to bring together the MANY VOICES that are fighting for environmental justice around the country, to come together in ONE STRUGGLE and show the government, and the media, that this what the people want

Media Contacts: Tanvi – +919010143322 – [email protected]



Title: De-in for the earth 

When: 12th October

Time: 15:00 UTC+08

Where: In front of a recognisable monument and in a park (possibly outside a newspaper company)

Detail: Die-in

Media Contacts: Kayoko Geji – +44 7768 216173 – [email protected]



Title: Rebellion Week Pakistan 

When: 6 Oct- 13 Oct, 2019

Time: 14:00 UTC+05

Where: Islamabad Multiple Locations

Details: To open our week of rebellion, XR Pakistan is planning to do a massive die-in . We will start the spirit of creative rebellion with  street theatre, die-in and protests and reflect days around the week, which will further bring the conversation which will enable much needed changes in our political, economic and social landscape. 

Activities will include, Die-ins, protests,  Street theatre, Music and meditation and vegetarian dine outs. 

Media Contact: Kay – +923135372033 – [email protected]



Title: Funeral March

When: 7 October  

Time: 18:00UTC+03

Where: Kadıköy Sea Side, İstanbul (Anatolian Part)

Details: There will be a funeral march in Kadıköy (Anatolian Side). It is a central and crowded point in İstanbul near the sea. During the ceremony a coffin will be carried. There will be people holding gravestones in which the pictures of the species that will go extinct(in Turkey) and their cause of death is written. Red Brigades that consist of 6 people will be in the event also. Because of the poliçe repression in the protests we will not make an open call for the event. When we do it lots of police comes and they cancel the protest even before it is started.

Title: Solidarity Action for Activists assassinated in 2019

When: 9th October 

Time: 22:00UTC+03

Where: Beşiktaş sea side, İstanbul (European Part)

Details: We will make a short, silent sit-in near the seaside, holding candles. For the commemoration of activists assassinated in 2019.

Title: Thematic Costume Party

When: 20th October  

Time: 16:00UTC+03

Where: Abbasağa Park, Beşiktaş, İstanbul (European Part)

Details: There will be a thematic costume party in Abbasağa Park Beşiktaş (European Side) which is a public space and has a central location in İstanbul. We will be wearing costumes of the species that are going extinct and the species that cause this extinction (For example costume of a power plant etc.) There will be a DJ throughout the party. There will be an open call for it. We will ask people to ring their costumes as well and we will invite to the preparation workshops but the facebook event is not opened yet.

There will be also side workshops like flag painting, and mini forums. Before the party there will be marching with costumes.

Title: Red Brigades

When: 7-20 October

Where: Certain spots in Istanbul

Details:  During this time, Red Brigades will appear in the problematic zones in İstanbul such as Petrol Offices Headquarters, Belgrad Forest (which is destroyed too much and a huge deforestation is taking place), Third Bridge ( the construction of it resulted and will cause in the future a huge deforestation, gas stations). The images will be shared throughout these 2 weeks.

Media Contact: Elif Unal – 905312318150 – [email protected]



Title: International Rebellion Events

When: 5 11-13 October

Where: Multiple locations across Hong Kong

Details: On 5th we will give a speech and between 11th to 13th October, we will stage 3 actions across Hong Kong.

5th October: Speech “This is not a drill, this is an emergency” 

Speech at a Watt-A-Thon event (generating the most electrical energy by pedalling on bicycles in 8 hours).

Speech in Cantonese and English by 3 of our members including 2 of our youngest Rebels (10 and 17)

11th October: Protest Die-In

We will stage a die-in to protest Hong Kong’s continued importation of fossil fuel cars. Time/Place TBC

12th October: The Seas Are Rising

A colourful and interactive event to highlight the risks Hong Kong faces from sea-level rise. Time: 11-2pm. Place: TST Waterfront

13th October: Flash Funeral For The Earth

We will stage a funeral march in a central location of Hong Kong. Time: 12pm. Place: Times Square

Media Contact: Olivier – +852 6341 1504 – [email protected]




Title: International Rebellion Weeks

When: 7th October 

Time: 00:30 UTC+02

Where: Extinction Rebellion South Africa

Detail:  To open our week of Rebellion we plan to visit media houses with the declaration and an urgent call to action. According to Afro-barometer there is an unacceptably low level of climate literacy in South Africa. Our media has not been honest with us about how serious the situation is. We demand that in the public interest the truth about the unfolding crisis be properly addressed by our media. There are parts of the country that have not seen rain for years already. Leading academics have been warning us about the situation and the need for change. There are increasingly obvious societal issues related to the environment all around the country. We are tired of seeing misinformation, there is no debate about what is happening or why. We must unite behind the science for the sake of the people of South Africa before it is too late.

The media houses may be beholden to the corporations paying for advertising and planning more profits but this is not business as usual. Each one of the people working in these companies is also part of the web of life and has a responsibility to speak out on behalf of all the life that cannot speak for itself.

We see our government continue to be involved in enabling resource extraction at the expense of the people and the land. Communities around the country suffer the terrible impacts of pollution for the benefit of companies making profits for shareholders far from SOWETO or Mpumalanga.

There are still people living under tin shacks. Each year has been hotter than the previous year and the changes seem to be speeding up. Do you not believe people should be warned about exponential heating given that most South Africans don’t have air conditioning?

Media Contacts: Chloe – Cape Town – +27815895576 Premilla – Johannesburg – +27662664291



Title: Rebel for the planet

When: 14th October

Time: 13:00 UTC-01

Where: Banjul

Details: In the spirit of love for the planet; in the spirit of love for nature we rebel in a bid to call on the government to tell the truth about climate emergency. Awareness about climate extremes among the people of the Gambia is too low and we have not seen enough efforts to address that. The media is yet to do justice to the climate as well.

We will not continue to live in these circumstances, we will act now to avoid panicking when it is already too late.

Media ContactsSainey – +2203028346 –[email protected] or [email protected]




Title: Codeword Blackjack

When: 7th October

Where: Montreal 

Detail: High level dramatic NVDA

Title: ça l’a pas rapport (du giec)

When: 8th October:

Where: Downtown Montreal

Detail: Mass roadblock

Media contact: Louis – +15149745069 – [email protected]


Title: Global Rebellion 

When: 7th October

Where: 252 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1V6, Canada

Detail: To spark and sustain a spirit of creative rebellion, which will enable much needed changes in our political, economic and social landscape. We endeavour to mobilize and train organisers to skillfully open up space, so that communities can develop the tools they need to address our deeply rooted problems. We work to transform our society into one that is compassionate, inclusive, sustainable, equitable and connected.

Media Contact: Rocky Petkov –  +16045007041 – [email protected]



Title: Global Rebellion

Direct action in multiple locations

When: Starting Oct 7

Where: Battery Park

Time: 9:30 EDT

Details: The Global Rebellion, which will begin on Monday morning, October 7th, seeks to demonstrate to government at all levels that business as usual cannot go on. Actions by Extinction Rebellion are expected to take place in over 60 cities around the world. Extinction Rebellion’s logo, consisting of an hourglass within a circle, symbolizes our awareness that time is running out. We simply don’t have time for denial or incrementalism, because the crisis is now! Even in countries that call themselves democracies, conventional demonstrations and rallies are often simply ignored by those in power. So we intend to create a worldwide disruption that can’t be ignored. 

Numerous actions will take place during the week of October 7th, focusing on institutions whose decisions greatly impact the climate crisis. Among the themes of these actions will be finance, media, education and culture. Traversing the city during Rebellion Week will be a mobile boat that Extinction Rebellion has christened “Vaquita.” It is named for an almost extinct porpoise, native to the northern part of the Gulf of California. The fact that the boat has been given the name of an endangered but not yet extinct animal symbolizes our message: that humanity is in trouble as a species, but there is still hope. The boat will be decorated with, among other things, the flags of nations whose populations are endangered by rising seas and other effects of climate change.

When: Oct 7-11

Time: Starting 14:00 EDT, continuing 8:00 EDT – 21:00 EDT

Where: Washington Square Park

Details: Beginning at 2:00 PM on October 7th at Washington Square Park, Extinction Rebellion will launch Rebel Fest, which exemplifies the importance of what we call Regenerative Culture. This has been defined as a way of life that is “resilient and healthy and can propel us into a new future and a different society to the toxic one we live in at the moment.” At Rebel Fest, Extinction Rebellion and its supporters will create the community we want to have and the world we want to see. This will involve, among other things, nonviolent direct action training, art-making, yoga, meditation and a “climate café.” On Wednesday, because children particularly require regeneration, given the psychological stress engendered by the climate emergency, there will be numerous family-friendly events and activities. 

Media contact: Jack – [email protected]


Title: Global Action Kick-Off: Disrupt Business As Usual

When: 7th October 

Time: 4 pm EDT onward

Where: Daley Center Plaza, 50 W. Washington, downtown Chicago

Details: XR Chicago and its affinity partners are gathering at Daley Plaza for regenerative and other non-violent actions to demand that our government tell the truth and declare a climate emergency. Our intersectional group Critical Mass cyclists, Illinois Youth Strikers, and many other organizations concerned about the climate crisis. 

Media contact: Susan – [email protected]



Title: Digan La Verdad

When: 7th October

Time: TBC

Detail: XR Mexico is inaugurating a mural memorial for assassinated earth defenders and launching the week’s actions

Media Contact: Veronica – +52 (55) 5438 7921 – [email protected] 



Buenos Aires

Two main actions

Title: Declaration of Rebellion

When: 7th October

Time: 12:00 UTC-03

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Detail: XR Argentina will publish its Declaration of Rebellion before the Argentine government. Under Article 41 of the National Constitution, we denounce its systematic violation by state institutions. If they do not protect us, the social contract disappears and we acquire the right and duty to nonviolent civil disobedience.

That same day in Plaza San Martin (Retiro) we will activate an agenda of collective, intergenerational, diverse and inclusive artivism, which will have music, stories, empathy exercises, scientific knowledge and regenerative culture. Simultaneously we will execute nonviolent direct actions blocking the headquarters of Bayer / Monsanto and Pan American Energy.

Media contactsFlavia Broffoni – [email protected]

Title: Day of memory to activists killed in the global south

When: 9th October

Time: 18.30 UTC-03

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Detail: In the framework of the week of rebellion without borders, XR Argentina will dedicate October 9 to honor the lives of activists from the global south killed for defending nature. We will represent in their names community resistance to extractivisms with an action in which at least 200 volunteers will participate. We will march in funeral procession, and end in a candlelight vigil in front of the Headquarters of the United Nations Information Center.

Media contacts: Flavia Broffoni – [email protected]



Title: Die-in on Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro

When: October 7

Time: 5pm UTC-03

Where: Copacabana Beach

Detail: XR Brazil will stage a die-in on the picturesque beach of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro to highlight the growing destruction of the Amazon and the genocide of the indigenous population, language and culture. XR Brazil´s manifesto and four demands to the government will be on display alongside activists forming the XR logo with ´dead bodies´. We will be taking aerial footage with a drone.

Media Contacts: Sarah +447498347401 – [email protected]



Title: International Declaration of Emergency – Global South Solidarity action

When: 6th October     

Time: 11:00 UTC-05  

Where: Plaza Lourdes, Bogotá

Detail: International declaration of emergency and die-in

Media contacts: Holly – +573502751133 – [email protected] 

Title: Digan La Verdad (‘Tell the truth’)

When: 7th October
Time: 18:00 UTC-5
Where: Bogotá
Detail: Peaceful protest with audiovisual content
Media contacts: Holly – +573502751133 – [email protected] 

Title: Solidarity with murdered earth defenders
When: 9th october
Time: 18:00 UTC-5
Where: Parque Nacional , Bogotá
Detail: Candlelit procession to honour the lives of earth defenders of the global south who were assassinated for defending their territory from multinational extractivism
Media contacts: Holly – +573502751133 – [email protected]




Title: Melbourne: Spring Rebellion

When: 7th October 

Time: 9:00 UTC+11

Where: Central Melbourne

Detail: We aim to peacefully occupy an area in a large park on the edge of the central business district for at least seven days and nights. From this base camp we will conduct a range of highly disruptive non-violent actions throughout the city as well as creating a family-friendly festival atmosphere at the central camp. We are expecting the rebellion to last for at least a week, but the end date will be decided by participants. The first week of action will include arrestable actions such as extended road blockades, a disruptive bike ride and swarming of major intersections. There will also be many non-arrestable actions including faith group meditation vigils, XR talks and training and art and music workshops.

Media Contacts: [email protected]
Miriam Robinson  +61409351123 | Jane Morton  +61419870507 | Violet Coco  +61431062690 | Christine Canty (XR Vic Families) +61415240451


Title: Sydney: Spring Rebellion

When: 7th October 

Time: 11:00 UTC+11

Where: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Detail: Across the week beginning 7 October XR Sydney will take to the streets demanding our government acts now on the climate emergency. Our actions will be everything from family-friendly picnics to to full scale rebellion in the streets, culminating in a human XR logo on iconic Bondi Beach.

Media Contacts: Elly Baxter – +61 407 163 921 or [email protected] 


Title: Canberra Spring Rebellion – Disrupt Commonwealth Bridge

When: 7th October

Time: 10:00 UTC+11

Where: Albert Hall, Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla

Detail: Through the power of peaceful civil disobedience on October 7, we will disrupt business as usual to get our leaders to take notice. We will be disrupting Commonwealth Avenue bridge, as well as undertaking other actions throughout the day. We will also have a base camp, where there’ll be live music and activities!

Media Contacts: [email protected]



When: 7th – 11th October

Time: 8:00 UTC+8

Where: Various locations, Perth CBD

Detail: 5 days of themed actions:

Day 1 Mon 7th Oct: Boorloo Calling: Extinction Rebellion WA stands in solidarity with Aboriginal people and understands that environmental justice is fundamentally linked with justice for First Nations people globally.

Day 2 Tues 8th Oct: Tell The Truth: mass action at vested corporate media interests, demanding they tell the truth.

Day 3 Wed 9th Oct: Act Now: actions to highlight immediate urgent action needed.

Day 4 Thurs 10th Oct: Beyond Politics: disruptive mass public People’s Assembly, communal food, music and NVDA training.

Day 5 Fri 11th Oct: Flood The City Mass Action. Bringing Perth CBD to standstill.

Media Contact: +61 401 233 965 – [email protected]



When: 6th October

Time: 14:00 UTC+10

Where: Parliament Lawns

Detail: Between 6 – 13th October XR Tas will engage in a Week of Creative Disruption from our permanent base in front of parliament. Actions include a Fly-in Die-in on World Migratory Bird Day, a 5 day public hunger strike to draw attention to the global threat to food security, a funeral parade raising awareness of the mental health costs of the climate crisis, a mass action challenging local media to Tell the Truth on climate, co-ordinated banner drops, a dramatic flag raising and disruptive actions tba.

Media Contact: [email protected]



When: 7th October

Time: 10:45 UTC+9:30

Where: Adelaide, South Australia

Detail: It’s time to act as if the truth is real. We are in a climate and ecological emergency. Our political system is failing to protect us. We must act now.

During Spring Rebellion, with your help, we will bring mass, non-violent, civil disobedience to the streets of Adelaide.

Events throughout the week will bring disruption to the city. The schedule outlines the major events planned.

Media Contact: Peta Page – +61434823534 – [email protected]/[email protected]


Title: Spring Rebellion

When: 7-12 October

Where: Disruptions of business as usual will unravel across Far North Queensland during Australia’s Spring Rebellion.

Media Contact[email protected]



Title: International Rebellion Week

When: 7th October 

Time:7:00 UTC+10

Where: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Detail: XR SEQ and surrounding XR groups made international news on August 6th with our Rebellion Day. On October 7 civil disobedience in Brisbane will kick up a gear for Rebellion Week. Thousands of rebels will descend on the Queensland capital over the period to take part in major actions, occupations and disruptions every day. 

Media Contacts: [email protected]



Title: Draw the line on climate crime

When: 7th October

Time: 07:00 UTC+13

Where: Midland Park, 155 Lambton Quay, Wellington

Detail: Kia Ora! We will be the first city in the world to kick off the Global Week of Rebellion! We will draw the line on climate crime (and climate criminals) in Central Wellington. Rebels from all over the country will join us in Wellington at Rebel Camp (October 5 to 9). This will be the biggest, most disruptive action XRANZ has ever undertaken. But we will also have safe spaces for our whānau and tamariki and a lot of fun activities, music, dancing, great speakers and vegetarian/vegan kai. A big emphasis will be placed on XR’s regenerative culture and that this event is inclusive of everyone and every part of everyone. We will show our “leaders” that it’s time to draw the line, tell the truth and act now as we all rebel for life on our beautiful Papatūānuku.

Media Contacts: Simon Oosterman – [email protected] or +64 27 526 8704 and Dr. Sea Rotmann – [email protected] or +64 21 246 9438